Getting Started

This page will be updated as content is added to the site. The good news is that you have found me early in the journey!

  1. Sign up for a Github Account.
  2. Create your initial repositories.
  3. Make changes to files in your repo with markdown.
  4. Go try codespaces.

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Apps and Tools


Getting Ahead

Ready to get a head start on upcoming tasks? While we start with Codespaces, as you advance in skill and time spent editing content and code, you will want to have GitHub and Visual Studio Code running on your own computer. Future episodes will cover these topics, but you might be ready faster than you think!

  1. Install GitHub Desktop this step-by-step may help (early release content, needs review).
  2. Install Visual Studio Code this step-by-step may help (early release content, needs review).
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About Informatics FYI

Hello, I'm Chris, and I am an Informaticist. Join me as I share my experiences and perspectives on the field of Informatics, and how you can bring together people, technology and information to serve others. Together we will explore a digital landscape that can be as vast as our own planet, with the same wonders, experiences, and hazards you might encounter while traveling the world.

Whether you are curious about the field, starting a career, or growing in your day to day work, I hope you enjoy Informatics FYI. As this journey progresses, we will join together on quests to apply informatics to public problems.