I have had a wonderful career of innovation in public safety, public service and informatics, with almost 30 years of experience in informatics, software development and information technology. I have a unique blend of private and public sector service, across a wide spectrum of web and mobile technologies, including a healthy dose of legal, policy and project management experience in the U.S. Government. I fought fires, ate smoke and gave care when seconds counted for 10 of my younger years as an Emergency Medical Technician and volunteer firefighter.


My plan is to promote the Informaticist profession as a vital link across the globe in effective, safe and secure service to the public. I intend to compile a foundational set of principles and practices that apply no matter what field or industry we support. Informatics is a common term within medicine and healthcare, but informatics exists in government, law enforcement, meteorology, public health, and many other highly regulated organizations and industries. Informaticists may have different titles in these areas, but they are the critical bridge to informing administration, scientists and the public.


I completed my Master of Science in Health Informatics degree at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), School of Health Professions which is a unique program that focuses not only on health care innovation, but in solving the technical problems we face in health care with growing volumes of data and building systems that work for patients and clinicians. I also serve on the UAB Graduate Programs in Health Informatics Advisory Board, and the Dean’s Advisory Board for the School of Health Professions.


I began my federal career with the U.S. Department of Justice, and later joined the National Weather Service as an Information Technology Officer. I became deeply involved in the field of information security with The SANS Institute and the Global Information Assurance Certification Organization serving as an advisory board member, practical grader, certification test creator and later joining the organization as a Senior Software Engineer. I have worked in clinical systems and informatics roles for the the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs in Connected Care and worked for other institutions in clinicial research informatics. My most recent work has been as a cybersecurity researcher and an advisor in clinical informatics with the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the U.S. Department of Commerce. I currently work in informatics for the HRSA HIV/AIDS Bureau in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Why have this site?

I built this site to start sharing the things I’ve learned and continue to learn in my day to day work. I also wanted to give back to others, since over the years, the internet is what allowed me to grow and be successful in my own career. Working on content helps me to remember the things I’ve learned, and it also gives me a trusted place to look when I forget. For any article I write, hours, days and even weeks have gone into figuring out solutions. I hope that something on this site helps you, and pays the gift forward!

– Chris

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About Informatics FYI

Hello, I'm Chris, and I am an Informaticist. Join me as I share my experiences and perspectives on the field of Informatics, and how you can bring together people, technology and information to serve others. Together we will explore a digital landscape that can be as vast as our own planet, with the same wonders, experiences, and hazards you might encounter while traveling the world.

Whether you are curious about the field, starting a career, or growing in your day to day work, I hope you enjoy Informatics FYI. As this journey progresses, we will join together on quests to apply informatics to public problems.